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From Concept to Reality: how you can achieve balance when you’re running on fumes

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The verdict is final: 40 days of immobility and a plaster cast, with the possible consequence of surgery.

On Sunday, my youngest broke his leg and is now in a cast up to his mid-thigh.

In a typical family, this would already be difficult; in a single-parent household, the level of complexity is at its peak.

And yet, today I am smiling.

Ten years ago, this would have caused me sleepless nights, trying to reschedule everything, at least in my head.

What has changed?

The shift from the concept of balance to actually experiencing it.

But when you’re running on fumes between a reliance letter and a pile of documents to read before evening, it’s an additional heavy burden.

Fuel added to an already explosive situation.

What steps can you take to avoid the worst trajectory?

The most challenging is to stop for a sufficient amount of time.

Do you recognise this?

You stop BUT NOT ENOUGH to have a complete and detailed vision.

The array of situations from which your responsibilities derive is so broad and varied that if you tried to analyse them all, you wouldn’t have time to tackle them.

Ubi maior.

It seems like you either face them or perish, giving up something fundamental.

An effort that has weighed you down for ages, perhaps since the first semester of law school.

Good news: it can be alleviated and stop you from beating yourself up over mistakes.

If this situation sounds familiar to you, we should talk about it!


Giusy Falco

I help top-tiers corporate lawyer mothers, freshly separated, juggling with a high-demanding career and day-to-day responsibilities, so they can enjoy both their dream life and profession. Without dropping a ball. Get in touch!