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About Giusy

With over 15 years of experience working in multinational networks providing audit and consulting services, in global elite law firms, in independent law firms and strategic consulting and services, I have gained valuable insights into these worlds. Over a decade ago I started ForzasetteLab, that has supported people and organizations building successful businesses and lives since 2017. 

I speak fluent legalese both Italian and English.

Looking for fulfillment

From being a natural high-achiever to becoming a frustrated juggler of responsibilities.

I’m a natural high-achiever. That means I learn fast and accomplish even faster. I love connecting dots and finding new paths when there seem to be none. I find complexity beautiful because, if you delve deeper into it, everything is connected in an unpredictable order.
Did you have everything mapped in your mind: studies, degree, securing a dream job, a fulfilling life with a family around your 30s?
Me, too. I haven’t stopped for 20 years: I have built an enviable balance between my career and my interests, until I found myself juggling in the midst of it, with the care of children, a sudden separation, and a bunch of heavy responsibilities that kept me awake at night.

Dropping a ball wasn’t an option. I was trained to face constant situational dilemmas, but I felt that I was going to explode. Fragile like a bomb behind a calm facade.

Fast forward 10 years

Leaving a secure job, moving to countryside, going back to university WHILE breastfeeding, certifying as a professional coach, setting up and establishing a new business, selling a house and renting another, mastering a portfolio career, graduating cum laude during the pandemic.  

miles as self-taught runner

and enjoying for the first time training in unconventional disciplines without feeling the need to excel. 

Why ForzasetteLab

Forza [strenght] sette [seven] is an Italian compound word used to describe intensity of sea waves on a sailing scale. Means a make-or-break situation requiring adept risk and crisis management skills.

It’s a Lab. Together we explore skills, strengthen abilities, build a sustainable and fulfilling work/life balance, implement effective single or co-parenting strategies. Ongoing.

On a mission

I’ve met so many brilliant corporate lawyer mothers suffer from success fatigue and quietly abandoning their outstanding careers right in the middle of their path.

And felt guilty because I had a privileged perspective: I worked within systems but was not part of it, as I coordinated their activities.

This allowed me to understand intricacies while remaining neutral and independent.

Now my mission is to transform law firms into a better place for top-tier corporate lawyer mothers. I can’t help all the brilliant women who find themselves halfway through their careers alone, but I can empower and help them build a sustainable and fulfilling work/life balance, so they can each improve their workplaces.

This is my butterfly effect and if you want to be a part of it, we should talk.