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Helping top-tiers corporate lawyer mothers

freshly separated juggle their responsibilities without dropping a single ball, so they can enjoy both their dream life and career. 

Whether that’s advancing for partnership, developing an existing role as senior associate or associate, planning to transition out of a law firm with a solid plan, considering shifting to of counsel, setting up your own business, getting healthier, working towards your ideal life/work balance and effective co-parenting strategies.

Are you Questioning your career in law

just when the fruits of all the training and hard work are nearly ready for harvest?

Feeling Success fatigue?

Having a 600-page SPA on your desk is no more an exciting goal as closing day is approaching.

Dropping a ball is not an option?

You cannot set a priority when they all are: advancing for partnership, developing an existing role, single-raising or co-parenting children and have a fulfilling life.

No one advocates for you?

Even the more supporting system cannot fully understand what happens in top law firms. You find difficult to talk with others because they don't really get it.

Understanding your hurdles and challenges

In terms and conditions of life, nobody prepared you for the impact of your profession on your relationship with partner/spouse and children.

According to CEPLER only 35% of women are partners in their firm and 22% of them are equity partners.  

Whether you are entertaining the idea of becoming one of them or not, these numbers are impressive.

You are passionate about law and your top-notch résumé is a natural consequence of your dedication. But you’re struggling to work your way up. You learned it in the first year of law school that it’s a highly demanding profession.

Over glamorised doesn’t work, does it?

Late hours sat behind the screen, countless time spent to adjust billable/not billable and a constant urge to achieve more, leave you feeling as though your crystal ball gazing is broken.

If you find yourself nodding to some parts or all of the description, you’re in the right place.

1:1 coaching

starting from 2,000 GBP

small group (max 6)

starting from 1,600 GBP

Law students' special price

starting from 1,200 GBP

Corporate coaching package

upon request

Credentialed by the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach.


Next step?

Let’s talk.

There are a number of coaches who coach lawyers, many of them are a forced fit offered by their law firm.

It’s not enough to be attuned to the general context in which a lawyer works; it’s essential to understand the specific intricacies of their current perspective and assist them in relating them to external contexts.

I know that a fulfilling life is not merely a list of first-class degrees or a matter of achieving more. 

Balance is not a concept, it’s an experience built with meticulous and tailored attention to your needs. 

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