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Borderless globalised businesses: how could a law student take advantage of such dynamics?

aka what skills you must sharpen before it’s too late

Research in the world of corporate and M&A is the field on which the future is played out. Don’t believe it?

In March, this work by Akpuokwe, Bakare, Eneh, and Adeniyi was published, which piqued my curiosity (and should pique yours, too).

Globalised context for Corporate and M&A 

The transformative wave of globalisation has redefined the landscape of corporate operations, ushering in an era where businesses extend their reach far beyond national borders.

Globalisation, characterised by the free movement of capital, technology, and labour, has fundamentally altered the dynamics of corporate structures.

Corporations, once confined by national jurisdictions, now navigate a borderless landscape.

This shift necessitates a reevaluation of legal frameworks to accommodate the complexities arising from cross-border transactions, international collaborations, and the emergence of multinational corporations as major players in the global economy.

Corporations are now scrutinised not only for their economic performance but also for their impact on society and the environment.

Ethical considerations encompass

  • corporate social responsibility,
  • environmental sustainability,
  • fair labour practices, and
  • the treatment of diverse stakeholders.

In this multifaceted context, how could a law student take advantage of such dynamics?

  1. Specialise in international corporate law;
  2. develop multidisciplinary skills (legal issues often intersect with other fields such as economics, technology, and environmental science);
  3. engage in international internships and networking.

What is an underrated skill you should consider sharpening?

The crucial soft skill a law student must sharpen is cultural intelligence.

This skill involves understanding and respecting cultural differences, and effectively communicating and collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

In the context of globalised business and international law, cultural intelligence is essential, but you won’t receive any specific training on this.

How coaching can help?

This is why you should hire a coach: the world of Corporate and M&A is a bustling system of cultural nuances, business etiquette, and conflicts that you don’t immediately grasp, often leading to significant adaptation difficulties in a law firm, loss of motivation, and the feeling that there is always something preventing you from truly demonstrating your abilities.

Why make life difficult for yourself?

Giusy Falco, PCC ICF

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