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Conflict check

for corporate lawyer mothers

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World of corporate law is fast-paced.

Ensuring that all potential conflicts of interest are identified and managed is critical.

That’s why you receive tons of conflict check emails.

But if you can normally afford to skim through them quickly once you’ve read the relevant sections, there are some conflict checks on which you should take your time.

For corporate lawyer mothers, these conflict checks are even more complex, as personal and professional responsibilities intersect.

1. Client conflicts

Aka the ground base: the most obvious areas for conflict checks is literal and involves client representation.

Ensuring that there are no conflicting interests between your current clients and prospective ones is a fundamental step. 

Even though automated conflict-checking systems can help streamline this process, it doesn’t take much to miss a step—a dash to pick up your sick child from school, forgetting there’s no judo or dance class that day and having to dash across the city.

2. Time management conflicts

Balancing the demands of the legal career with parenting responsibilities leads to conflicts in time management.

Late nights at the office or emergency client meetings clash with school events, family commitments and that dinner that’s taken months to plan.

“Establish clear boundaries and communicate them with both your employer and clients”

is pure utopia.

But I like when business coaches write it without knowing how the corporate and M&A works.

I’ve learned that “flexible working arrangements” is too vague to properly fit into your day-to-day activities, ensuring that neither your professional nor personal life suffers.

3. Networking and business development conflicts

Ok, this is harsh. Networking events and business development activities often occur outside regular working hours, conflicting with family time.

Attending these events is crucial for advancing to partnership but can be a nightmare for corporate lawyer mothers.

You need a strategy to select networking events that provide the most value and fit your schedule. 

4. Ethical conflicts

Corporate lawyer mothers “hold my bag, please”.

You face more ethical dilemmas than Buddha, isn’t it?

From personal values to parenting principles. 

And often you don’t have time to reflect on your personal values and how they impact professional ethics. 

5. Work-life integration conflicts

The concept of work-life balance is evolving into work-life integration, where personal and professional lives coexist more fluidly. 

But this need for regular reassessment and adjustments can become an additional source of stress in itself.

 6. Career advancement conflicts

Pursuing career advancement opportunities such as promotions or leadership roles conflicts with your current parenting responsibilities.

It’s additional workload and stress.

And your supporting system perhaps doesn’t get it.

The conflict check is a walk in the park until a significant conflict arises.

And I’d like to say that the initial analysis process is sufficient, but we both know it’s not.

Giusy Falco

I help top-tiers corporate lawyer mothers, freshly separated, juggling with a high-demanding career and day-to-day responsibilities, so they can enjoy both their dream life and profession. Without dropping a ball. Get in touch!