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Don’t lose small: win BIG!

why you should consider coaching as your best ally

An invaluable lesson

One of the invaluable lessons we gather from diverse domains—ranging from sports to business—is that champions engage coaches, whereas others do not.

If an athlete is determined to achieve victory, one of their first steps is to seek out an excellent coach; someone who can help them devise a winning strategy, refine or sharpen their skills, and provide support both in training and competition.

Same principle

The same principle applies when integrating life and business; you should consider coaching as your best ally.

Top achievers usually have an easier time because they recognise the importance of fostering an empowering environment and develop it around themselves.

Immediate benefits or value over the years?

The benefits of having a coach can be immediate AND continue to provide value over the years, from one role to another, throughout one’s career and lifetime.

Not many corporate benefits or training programmes can boast such lasting impact.

And let’s be realistic: a law firm might offer you coaching, but you have little say in choosing the coach, even if there isn’t a good chemistry.

A key difference

A key difference is hiring a coach who is both an expert in your environment and independent: a coach offering a different perspective, but who has also been an insider.

They can see what you can’t see because you are immersed in the details, while they observe from the outside.

Not having a stake in the game.

Why, as a corporate lawyer, I should hire a coach?

You might already have an accountant, a financial advisor, or a personal trainer on your team, but bringing a coach on board, places you among the ranks of the most effective and balanced individuals in the world.

What is a coach, you ask?

A coach is a qualified professional who helps you achieve your goals and make positive changes in your life.

I don’t know people who have hired a coach…

Yes, you know.

Over the past two decades, there has been a significant increase in celebrities hiring coaches.

Previously, it was more elitist and less known.

Despite their fame, celebrities experience the same challenges and emotions we all face daily.

Celebrities can feel fear and get overwhelmed too.

Many well-known individuals have used coaches to navigate roadblocks and elevate their lives. Other than their fame, celebrities are no different from anyone else.

Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Williams, Nia Long and Andre Agassi among others.

Bill Clinton said:

“[A coach] teaches us the most important lesson that every individual has to learn about living day to day, which is that you have choices in every circumstance.”

And Bill Gates stated “Everyone needs a coach” and advocated for the value of coaches in a speech that you can find here.

So yes, you can absolutely benefit from coaching.

Giusy Falco

I help top-tiers corporate lawyer mothers, freshly separated, juggling with a high-demanding career and day-to-day responsibilities, so they can enjoy both their dream life and profession. Without dropping a ball. Get in touch!